Cape Town Waterproofing Contractors: One of the Top Rated Companies

Waterproofing in the construction industry can be defined as being the process in which a structure is made resistant to water through the application of a waterproofing product. The purpose of waterproofing your home or office is to ensure the overall structure of the building doesn’t deteriorate. Whether you’ve bought a property or are building, waterproofing is a vital part to ensure the integrity of the building.


The Advantages of Waterproofing Your Home or Business in Summer


Conducting maintenance on your home or business is a crucial factor to ensure your property remains safe and compliant with Occupational Health and Safety regulations. Although regular maintenance should be conducted, there are some projects which need to be conducted at a certain time in the year.

When it comes to repainting or re-waterproofing your property, it should be conducted within the warmer months. The reason for this is, your walls would have dried out from the winter rain and provided the optimal condition for the maintenance to take place.

You shouldn’t only conduct this type of maintenance within the summer months. If you notice a problematic area or potential waterproofing which needs to be conducted again, take advantage of the odd warmer day. There are a variety of ways to remove moisture from a room or dry a wall out.


A Necessary Preventative Measure


The long-term effects of neglecting to waterproof can be detrimental to the health of not only your family or employees but to yourself. If you neglect to have your waterproofing done correctly, you run the risk of the property being exposed to Mold and Mildew. With even the smallest crack in your wall, moisture and water can get into your building structure and cause mould or mildew to grow. This is why waterproofing in cape town is so important.


Protects You from Developing Health Issues


It’s important you don’t neglect your property maintenance as it can have long-lasting effects on your health. Should you not regularly check your property for areas which may need to be waterproofed again, it can be the leading cause of you or your family becoming sick. The last thing any homeowner wants is their loved ones suffering from respiratory diseases, allergies or even asthma symptoms.


Extending the Lifetime of Your Property


Waterproofing contractors cape town can assist you in extending the overall lifetime of your property. With regular maintenance and repair work being conducted, you’ll be able to live in your home for many years to come.

Waterproofing isn’t limited to just preparation work before painting your home. It can include ensuring your plumbing has been installed correctly or old pipes on the property being replaced. Flat roofs are prone to developing leaks, be sure to check your roof regularly to ensure there aren’t any cracks.


Understanding the Difference Between Waterproofing and Damp Proofing


By letting a professional company assist you, you’ll be able to identify whether you need to have your property waterproofed or damp proofed. The biggest difference between the two is damp proofing focuses on keeping soil moisture to a minimum and waterproofing is done to keep both moisture as well as water out. These are both important aspects to monitor when it comes to property management and maintenance as it can cause a great deal of cosmetic damage.


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We’ll come out and conduct a site inspection to access the amount of work to be carried out and we’ll guide you through the process of getting it all completed in a professional and efficient manner. Our competitive pricing model helps us stand out from our competition as we know how expensive maintenance can be. When our clients win, we win! Therefore, we’re always looking for the most efficient way to service our clients.

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