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Have you ever stared at a wall and wondered how am I able to bring this space to life? At Bates we are able to give your home a beautiful new look with our specialised interior wall painting techniques. We are able to create various textures with the use of texture coating, trowel and spray applications, stone finish and glass crystal finish. Our team of professionals will assist business and homeowners through the process and will advise on the options that are best suited to the designated space. At Bates we supply free samples to demonstrate to each client what they can expect on their walls.

What better way to complete a home or office renovation than by giving it a fresh coat of paint? Your home is your sanctuary and you deserve for it to feel that way. When it comes to your office space, the sentiment is the same as many people spend a great deal of their time there.

There are many benefits to painting your home or office on a regular basis. From removing any moisture damage, improving the overall look of your home and even increasing the value of your property. It provides you with the opportunity to give a space a fresh look and feel.

Working through professional painting contractors cape town might cost you more than doing the job yourself but it does offer you a variety of benefits in the long run. When opting to complete the job yourself, you’ll need to still coordinate and book the necessary tools and equipment.

The job will probably take you double even triple the amount of time and it might not be as neat as you anticipated. While completing your preparation work, you might uncover other issues you weren’t aware of before which will add to the delay in completing the project.


Reasons to Obtain the Services of a Professional Company


There’s nothing wrong with reaching out to a professional company like Bates to get the job done. Not only will this save you a great deal of time and money, but you’ll be able to focus on other aspects of your home improvements. If you’re wondering how this will benefit you, here are several reasons how Bates can assist you with your painting requirements.


The Project Timeline Can Be Determined


By working through a professional company, a clear project timeline can be determined before the job commences. Based on the size of your property or office space and what you want done, you can get an indication as to how many people it will take to complete the job and the amount of equipment required.

Many people underestimate how much preparation goes in before the actual painting can begin. There may be underlying issues as to why your paint has started to flake off. Unless you work within the industry, by trying to repair it yourself, you’ll end up spending more money by getting someone in to fix it.


A Site Inspection Will Be Conducted


As part of the quoting process, by working with a professional company, they’ll come out and conduct a site inspection to determine what all they will need to get the job completed. Some of the areas they will look out for include:


How high the building walls are and if scaffolding is required

How much preparation is required before the painting can commence?

Are there cracks and damage to the structure of the building which needs to be repaired

What is the surface area of the space you required painted

How many people will be required to complete the job


Ensuring the Correct Products Are Being Used


If you’ve just moved into a new property, you’ll have no idea what sort of paint was used unless you work in the industry. The team at Bates can identify the type of paint used on walls. The last thing you want to be doing is applying a water-based paint on top of an oil-based paint.

A similar principle will apply when looking to change the colour of a room to something else. If the existing colour is bright and you’re looking for something more neutral, a large amount of preparation work will need to be conducted before you can apply your chosen colour.


Quality of The Work Is Guaranteed


Quality over quantity is always better when it comes to home improvements. By getting the assistance of a professional company you can get a guarantee on the work conducted. Should there be areas of the job you’re not happy with, they’ll need to make the corrections without it costing you additional money.

The same can be said for the materials used to complete the work, should something become defective, depending on the length of the guarantee, they’ll come out and conduct the necessary repair work.


Create Feature Walls in Your Home


If you’re looking to do something different in your home than just having normal painted walls, you should get the assistance of a professional company such as Bates. Our team of painters have been working in the industry for many years and have learnt a variety of techniques to conduct painting jobs. Some of these techniques include:


Textured wall painting and coating

Trowel work

Spray painting

Stone or crystal finishes


By applying one of these techniques in your home or business, you can create a feature wall which will give the space a new dimension.


The Installation of Wallpaper


Looking for a perfect accompaniment to the colour of your wall or would like to add some extra touches without having to paint? At Bates we provide a variety of wallpapers that will complement the style of your space. We have a large variety of ready-made wallpapers to choose from. We are also able to create wallpapers according each client’s design and size. Your imagination is our only limit!



Getting Samples Before Committing to Work Being Conducted


Before any paint job can commence, at Bates we offer all our customers the opportunity to accept sample work done. Once you’ve painted your walls, the colour will be there for the foreseeable future. To ensure you happy with the colour, we’ll come out and paint a small section of your wall in your chosen colour to ensure you’re happy.

The same principle will be applied when looking to create a feature wall. We’ll come out and provide a sample of the specific technique you’re wanting to use on your wall for you to be able to envision it across the entire wall.


It’s Not Just the Walls Which Will Require Maintenance


When planning your painting job, it’s recommended you don’t only paint the walls and you take the other structural aspects into consideration. If you’re changing the colour of your house, you can look at updating the colour of the paint used on the windowsills and your doors.

If your home has wooden windows in them, you’ll want to ensure you conduct regular maintenance on them through coating it with varnish, window putty and silicone. This will ensure there isn’t a deterioration of your outdoor areas.

When painting the walls of your property, it’s the perfect opportunity to conduct maintenance of the roof as well. There’s no need to get roof painters in cape town to do this as Bates can take care of the entire project for you.


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If you’re looking for painting contractors in Cape Town to assist you in giving your home or office space a new look, contact the team at Bates today. With our combined years of experience in the industry, we’ll be sure to assist you in bringing more life to any room in a professional and efficient manner.

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