If you’re a homeowner you know how important it is to maintain your investment. But life happens and not everyone has the time for routine maintenance and your property starts to lose value and curb appeal. But, don’t worry, Bates SA can help you quickly transform your property into the hip and gorgeous space you’re used to.

Painting Your Home Is the Quickest Way to Transform It from Old and Outdated to New and Trendy

You might not realise it but your exterior paint is important. Your home will look weathered when your paint becomes outdated. Or even worse, it won’t protect your home from the elements like it’s supposed to. Look out for cracking or chipping paint. A fresh coat of paint can easily fix these issues.

Even if you don’t notice signs of paint damage, you might be ready for a change or your colour might be out of style. The team here at Bates SA knows which colours are in style right now. We also know how the colour you choose will influence your home’s value.

Choosing the right colour of paint for your home is vital. Our knowledgable team can guide you with expert advice.

Your home’s interior is as important as the exterior since you spend most of your time inside. The colour you choose will affect your mood when spending time in each space. We can transform your old home into a trendy and peaceful environment for you to enjoy

Our painters are more than qualified to paint your home inside and out and our customer satisfaction rate is close to 100%. Another benefit of using Bates SA is that our prices are extremely affordable.

If you’re looking for reliable painters in Cape Town, look no further. Get in touch with the team for a free consultation today!