The kitchen is one of the most important aspects of any home. Throughout the years, you spend thousands of hours preparing meals and enjoying conversations with your family and friends in this space. If your kitchen isn’t inviting and comforting, or lack in functionality, you won’t want to spend time in your kitchen.

The sad truth is that nothing lasts forever. What might have been an amazing kitchen 20 years ago might be outdated and ineffective to your needs today. If you tick any of the boxes below, you might need to replace your kitchen cabinets.

Damaged Kitchen Cabinets

If at any time you’ve experienced a flood, chances are you’ll have water damage. This can cause wood to rot or warp. Another issue you might face is mould growth, which isn’t only disgusting but bad for your health.

Nonfunctional Kitchen Cabinets

If kitchen cabinets are hard to reach or require you to unpack the entire contents to reach certain items, it can be extremely frustrating. Your kitchen design will need some improvement to make it more functional.

Outdated Kitchen Cabinets

Trends come and go and people have different tastes. Your home might have a kitchen straight out of the 60’s in bright orange or green. Replacing kitchen cupboards can easily rectify it, just make sure to choose a classic look that will stay in trend for longer.

How Often Should You Update Your Kitchen?

A quick Google search will reveal that a kitchen can last you up to 50 years. But in reality, it’s more like 20 to 30 years. This is due to various elements that can reduce its lifespan like water damage, mould or a termite infestation. And if your kitchen isn’t timeless or classic, a renovation might be required even quicker.

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