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At Bates Painting & Building Contractors we create reality from visions. Our team of building contractors plan carefully with the desired design, budget and space in mind. We are able to transform any space into something that will most certainly drop jaws, whether a child’s bedroom or executive board, there is no job too big or too small – we do it all! The team at Bates do not just work for client but alongside them to ensure that the space is truly their own. We are happy to advise on any specific finishes that we feel will suit your personality and the style of the space. Let us help you make your house the home of your dreams.


Your kitchen should be an area of your home you consider upgrading as part of your home renovations. With many families spending a substantial amount of time in and around the kitchen, it’s an upgrade your entire family will enjoy. Who wouldn’t enjoy a brand-new kitchen?

By working through a reputable company, it takes away the stresses and risks of having to complete the project yourself. You might think you are saving money, but it will end up costing you much more than what you planned if you aren’t careful.


There Are Many Risks When Completing These Projects by Yourself


When looking to do home renovations, many people think because they do the work themselves, they will save some money. This doesn’t always happen, and it could end up costing you much more than what you budgeted for you to repair the damages.

By doing your home renovations, there’s no guarantee on the workmanship and should something break or become faulty after you’ve completed the installation, you’ll need to purchase new parts to make the changes. Whereas if you worked through a professional company.


5 Reasons Why You Should Work Through A Professional Company Like Bates


Not only will we save you time, but we’ll also save you money by working with some of the best suppliers within the industry. If you’re looking for a reputable company to conduct your kitchen renovations, here are some reasons why you should consider Bates for your kitchen renovations in Cape Town.


We Do the Research for You


With the increasing amount of companies conducting home improvements within Cape Town, it’s important to do your research before accepting any quote. This ensures you’re only working with the best service providers within the industry. We want to save all our clients time and effort when it comes to kitchen renovations, therefore we do the research for you. We like to offer our clients as much convenience as possible.


We’ll Coordinate All the Meetings with Service Providers


We understand your time is important and therefore we will assist you with getting quotes for your kitchen renovations. As we work with a variety of service providers, we’ll take charge and coordinate the visit to your home to get the quotes completed. By doing this, the only time you’ll spend on the project will be working through the quotes and deciding which one you’re happy with.


We’ll Take Care of the Service Contract


As part of our service offering, we’ll see to the contract and pricing negotiations with the external parties. We ensure before any supplier comes onto the site, they sign a contract. By doing this, we protect both the client as well as our team. By signing the contract for your kitchen renovations within Cape Town, this ensures the third parties will meet the deadlines they provide.

It also ensures there’s a clause on satisfaction once the project has been completed. This shouldn’t be a problem as we only work with the top suppliers within the country, we do this to ensure if our clients are unhappy with the work conducted, adjustments can be made without costing the client any more money.


We Guarantee Excellent Service Delivery


We know how expensive home improvements can be and in the interest of our clients, we always ensure we try our best to get the right deals with our suppliers. We will never install materials of an inferior quality for us to benefit at your expense. Our workmanship comes with a guarantee that the project will be completed with a great attention to detail and we won’t accept payment from clients unless they are happy.


No Budget Is Too Small for Us


We understand home renovations can cost a substantial amount of money. In the interest of ensuring our clients only get the best, if your budget doesn’t allow for you to have a brand-new kitchen installed, there are a variety of changes we can assist you with to give your kitchen a fresh look. Keeping that in mind, you’ll want to decide what it is you’re wanting to upgrade in your kitchen when getting quotes. Some of the smaller projects we can assist with include:


Replacing your kitchen countertops

The installation or removal of cabinets

Replacing your kitchen cupboard doors with new ones or respraying the existing ones

Installation of a centre island to create more space in your kitchen


Contact the Team at Bates Today to Discuss Your Kitchen Renovations


With our combined knowledge, skills and abilities in the industry, we are more than happy to assist you to work through your various ideas for your home and decide on what the most feasible and practical upgrades will be. Whether you upgrade everything in one go or decide to do your renovations in stages, our team will assist you.

We offer comprehensive solutions to suit your budget and design.