Best Commercial and Residential Building Construction Company in Cape Town, South Africa

Sourcing the right construction companies in Cape Town doesn’t have to be as difficult as what people make it out to be. We know how overwhelming it can be planning and coordinating a home renovation. To ensure the success of any construction project, you’ll need to find a construction company which will not only be able to bring your vision to life but can do it in a timely and efficient manner. This is the exactly why you should contact the team at Bates.

Attending to both your residential and commercial building needs, there’s no need for us to provide you with a list of the top building construction companies in Cape Town. We are the best. Our current list of completed projects has seen us work on some of the most technical and challenging projects but through persistence and perseverance, we were able to complete the projects in a timely manner.


Bates Five Guiding Principles


We run our business based on five guiding principles and this makes us stand out from our competition. We have worked long and hard to build up the reputation we have, and this is evident in the quality of our current portfolio of clients which we have completed construction for.


We Passionate About Servicing Our Clients


We are serious about ensuring our customers get the best service possible. This is evident as we proudly display our vision for all our clients to see. This is also brought across by all our employees. They all know what is expected of them, what the company stands for and the difference it wants to make within the construction industry. With there being a large increase in the number of residential construction companies, we’re constantly improving our service offering to ensure clients only receive the best possible service.


We Are A Goal Orientated Construction Company


We’re serious about ensuring all our projects remain within their project timelines. Driven by these goals, our Senior Project Managers assist every team remain on track with status updates being issued on a regular basis. This allows us to pick up on any potential errors or adjustments which will need to be made to the project timeline.


Continuous Growth Is Important to Us


For us to maintain the reputation we have spent many years building up, we spend a great deal of time investing in our employees. By ensuring our employees are sufficiently trained up to conduct their duties, this will contribute to the overall success of the project.


We Trust Our Team to Get the Job Done


What makes us stand out from other construction companies in Cape Town is our ability to trust our teams to complete the project on time. With every employee having a direct line of reporting, they can report any issues they may be experiencing while on site. This allows full accountability for actions to be taken to avoid the project from slipping off track.


If Our Client’s Win, We Win


Senior management within the company is driven to achieve financial success. Even though we are one of few small construction companies in Cape Town, we ensure we can provide the best for our clients. Therefore, we spend endless hours negotiating prices to ensure we can provide the best possible deal for our clients. By following the guiding principle of making our clients win, we win in the long run.


Contact Bates Today for Further Assistance


By ensuring all our employees follow these guiding principles, it allows us the opportunity to offer the personal aspect to construction many companies can’t do. Our staff are all professional and friendly and have a high attention to detail. We never see the glass as being half empty. We will take any vision our client has and clearly map out every possibility of making it come to life.


Your Leading Construction Company in Cape Town


If you’re looking for companies in Cape Town for building, look no further. Contact the team at Bates today. With our combined years of experience, we’ll assist you in making your dream become a reality with your home renovation. Our personal approach to construction puts us in line to compete with the bigger construction companies within the industry. We are always ready to discuss clients projects.