Up until now, it has been frowned upon to paint your home’s interior with dark colours like navy, charcoal or even black. People believed that neutral tones were the only option because it was a safe choice. Lighter colours make a room seem bigger and brighter but what if you’re aiming for a ‘dramatic’ look instead?

If your goal is to make a small room look bigger, darker tones won’t do you any favours. Lighter colours reflect natural light while dark tones absorb them. If you really want to add drama to a small room, consider painting a focal wall the colour of your choice.

Benefits of Dark Tones on Interior Walls

  • Dark tones add intensity and drama to any room
  • Your space will feel cosy and warm
  • Wall art will pop against dark walls
  • Black cables will be easier to hide
  • Dark walls don’t show dirt marks as quickly making them very easy to maintain.

Drawbacks of Dark Tones on Interior Walls

  • Due to its absorption qualities, darker tones heat up a room faster which might be problematic in summer
  • Darker paint will fade much faster than lighter colours
  • If your walls aren’t smooth, it will emphasise imperfections
  • Covering up dark walls with lighter colours in future will be challenging

When it comes to creating the illusion of a bigger space, dark colours can only be used if there’s sufficient sunlight. But, the best way to achieve it is by using different shades of white or yellow, neutrals like beige or light grey, green and blue. All these colours reflect light and will make your room seem bigger.

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