Building contractors find it extremely difficult to offer a potential client a price per square metre upfront. This is because, during a home renovation, there are so many variables like the structure, plumbing and wiring location and also the type of materials you want. Prices vary greatly when it comes to floor coverings like laminate, tiles, wood and carpet. Builders can only provide an estimated cost but once a thorough survey is done, a more accurate quotation is given.

Speaking of costs, when it comes to home renovations there are various options. The first option would be to DIY (do it yourself). Of course, this option is considered the cheapest because you don’t have to pay for labour. That said, oftentimes, it ends up costing you more because you end up purchasing the tools needed to execute the project. Or if you’re not skilled for the job, end up hiring a professional to fix your mistakes.

The second option is hiring a professional construction company in Cape Town to manage your renovation project. When you hire Bates SA, the process starts with a detailed meeting to establish your requirements. Before any building renovations start, we create designs and edit them until they align with your renovation vision.

With help from skilled architects and structural engineers, plans are drawn up that will meet building requirements. Once the building renovations start, a dedicated person will be present at all times to overlook that everything is going according to plan.

One thing to remember is nothing is set in stone when it comes to quoting estimates. Even with a thorough inspection beforehand, you need to realise that, renovation costs can be unpredictable. Bates SA promises to be transparent should any issue arise that would increase costs.

If you’re looking for a trustworthy, affordable construction company in Cape Town for your home renovation project, look no further. Speak to the team for a free quote today!