Selecting finishes for your home can be challenging. You are pressured to make the right choice because if you don’t you’ll spend years to come regretting it.

One of the most difficult features to choose for your home is the flooring. There are so many options available on the market, so how can one know which option is right for you? Some factors to consider include budget, design and personal preference. But in order to make an informed decision, let’s look at the 3 most popular options available.

Tile Flooring

Pros: Tiles are durable and versatile. There are various options available for any budget.

Cons: Certain tiles can be difficult to clean. It can be extremely cold during winter months.

As we’ve already mentioned, tiles are extremely versatile with many variances available such as porcelain, ceramic and the trendy wood plank tile. As you can imagine, the cost can vary depending on your selection. Tiling is easy to maintain but can be harsh on bare feet. This, however, can be easily corrected by installing underfloor heating.


Pros: Hardwood flooring is beautiful, versatile and easy to install. There are many budget options available.

Cons: Hardwood flooring is more susceptible to scratching and water damage, especially in high-traffic spaces.

It’s impossible to beat the comfort and warmth hardwood flooring offers, not to mention how beautiful it looks. But perhaps, it’s not the best option if you have small children or pets as it can be damaged more easily than other options. That said, repairing hardwood flooring isn’t that dfficult and if precautions are taken, it’s a flooring solution that can last you a lifetime.


Pros: Carpets are one of the most cost-effective options and extremely comfortable.

Cons: Unfortunately, carpets are more susceptible to stains, dirt and allergens.

Carpets are easy to maintain but will need regular cleaning to keep looking fresh. The fact that it is comfortable and warm makes it a great option for bedrooms. The textures and style options are endless and there’s an option for any budget. Carpets do tend to collect dust particles which can provoke allergies and respiratory conditions such as asthma.

As you can see, all flooring options come with its own set of pros and cons and it’s up to you to decide which cons you can live with. For more information about the options available, get in touch with the team at Bates.