Scandinavian countries are famous for their minimalistic interior design approach. And it so happens that these countries are constantly topping the list of “The happiest people on earth”. Whether there’s a relation to minimalistic living and happiness, is something we’re still trying to figure out. But, what we do know is that clutter can definitely make you unhappy.

If you’re chasing happiness, why not start by renovating your living space and adding a little Scandinavian flair to it? Here’s how.

Neutral Colours

Scandinavian design focuses on a neutral colour palette which includes various shades of whites, browns, greys and blacks. When renovating and decorating your space, focus on these tones to create a clean, soothing atmosphere.

Light Coloured Flooring

Something you won’t find in Scandinavian homes is wall to wall flooring. Typically, flooring consists of light hardwood materials which can be painted white or simply in its natural light colour. This makes your home look more spacious and bright and also more welcoming.

Combine Metal and Wooden Finishes

Wooden elements are evident throughout Scandinavian homes, not only in the flooring but also the fixtures and furniture. Combined with metallic finishes such as brass pendants and copper sconces, it adds shine and glimmer to the entire space.

Don’t Overdo It with Window Treatments

Scandi design is all about natural light and the best way to achieve it is to skip the dark, dramatic window treatments. If you have to incorporate curtains in your design, keep it to a bare minimum and use light fabrics such as sheer curtains.

Keep Your Space Clutter-Free

The most important characteristic of Scandinavian homes is the absence of clutter. Ample storage space that is smartly organised makes for an easy way to keep your home free of clutter and thus visually relaxing.

In Scandinavian design, less is more and in our busy daily lives, our homes should be a haven of rest. At Bates, we value the tastes and preferences of each client and do everything in our power to transform your home into a space you adore.

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