There isn’t a person alive who loves packing up and moving homes. It’s a lot of effort and it can take months to get settled in. For this reason, you might want to consider home renovations instead. Your inconvenience period will only last a little while and you won’t have to lift a finger. Here are 5 reasons why home renovations should be considered instead of moving.

  1. Because It’s Outdated

Trends come and go and those lovely orange kitchen cabinets that were the bomb yesteryear, are today’s shock horror! If you’re tired of cringing everytime you walk into your gremlin green bathroom, you know it’s to renovate your home. A few ‘adjustments’ will not only make a huge difference but you’ll enjoy your home much more for years to come.

  1. to Increase Your Return on Investment

According to estate agents, kitchen and bathroom renovations should be a top priority if you want to increase the selling price of your home. These renovations are extremely cost-effective but will make a huge difference in the return on investment once you decide to sell your home.

  1. To Make It More Functional

Some home designs are ‘interesting’ but not at all functional. Breaking out a wall or adding an ensuite will make the world of difference without costing you an arm or a leg.

  1. To Avoid Having to Buy a New Home

Life is full of unexpected things and while you planned on only having 1 child, fate might have decided differently which is why you are now one bedroom short. If you really love your home and neighbourhood, instead of selling it, why not just add on to it? It will be a lot less expensive and you could stay exactly where you belong.

  1. So You Can Enjoy Your Home More

By adding an entertainment room to your home or renovating your old, tired kitchen, you are guaranteed to enjoy your ‘new’ home more.

Your home isn’t only your place of rest but it’s where you should be most comfortable and happy. Have the home you’ve always dreamed of by letting Bates SA manage your home renovations in Cape Town and surrounding areas. Give us a call for a free quote today!