If you haven’t noticed yet, winter is in full swing and temperatures are dropping as we speak. Some people look at winter as a time for hibernating while others prefer to do home improvements. If you’ve been thinking about painting your home but you’re wondering if winter is a good time, we’re here to tell you why it’s actually the best time even if it is the wet season.

More Affordable Rates

Since winter isn’t generally considered a good time for external activities, business might be slower than usual. Which means you’ll get better rates due to reduced competition.

Faster Project Turnaround Time

The slow season might also mean quicker turnaround time and more attention to detail. Anything done in haste will lack quality but if the demand is lower, more time will be taken to do a job well done.

Faster Paint Drying Time

Along with summer heat, comes humidity which doesn’t do the paint drying process any favours. In winter, your paint will dry much faster due to lower humidity and temperatures. Just make sure you open windows to ventilate your room if you’re painting your interior.

While South African winters might seem cold, it isn’t nearly as cold as North America or Europe. Snow is almost unheard of and the average temperatures, especially in Cape Town, rarely dips below 15 degrees Celcius. And being famous for our sunny weather year-round, there’s absolutely no reason at all to wait until summer to put your painting project in motion.

When hiring painters in Cape Town, make sure to get in touch with Bates SA. With extensive experience in the industry and the skills and knowledge to perform world-class painting services, you can be sure your painting project will look professional. For more information or a free quote, don’t hesitate to get in touch with the team today!