Small & Large Scale Projects: Best Builders & Building Contractors in Cape Town

Professional builders and building contractors are people working in the construction industry. They are called out when home or business owners are looking to have construction done on their property. Through examining the blueprints of a home or commercial building, we’re able to give clients an estimate as to how much their project might cost them.

By calling on the services of a professional company they’ll be able to take care of all the elements relating to the project. From planning the project, coordinating the different sub-contractors and service providers, they are involved in almost every element of the project.

If you are looking for a reputable company to assist you with your construction, here are some of the many reasons why you should partner with Bates for your building requirements:


No Project Is Too Big or Small for Us


With many registered building contractors in Cape Town working for us, no project is too big or small for us. Whether you’re renovating one room or your entire house, we will assist you in mapping out your renovations to build a timeline for your project.


The Bates Team Can Save You Time


There are a variety of factors which can hinder your project timeline. Through getting a professional service provider such as Bates, our wealth of experience and knowledge in the industry can help prevent there being long periods of downtime on your renovations.

We will take full responsibility in coordinating the movements and timing of subcontractors to make sure the renovations will continue to move forward and will be completed on time. With our hands-on approach, we will ensure we resolve any issues which may arise to ensure the smooth completion of the project.


We Can Save You Money


With our combined years of knowledge, skills and abilities we can complete any project without missing any steps. By working directly with you, we have the means to negotiate the pricing for materials needed to complete the project. This speaks directly to the relationships we have built up with service providers within the industry.


We Understand the Laws and By-Laws Within Construction


Once your building plans have been approved, we will ensure the project is completed following the building plans. This means you won’t need to worry about your construction not passing building inspections as we will make sure the job is done correctly.

Taking a hands-on approach to the work we complete, we will ensure your building is compliant, so you don’t have to worry about your project at all. With the recent introduction of the bylaw relating to water saving techniques, we will ensure your project is completed following the recommendations within the bylaw.


The Bates Team Have A Wide Range of Technical Knowledge


The team working at Bates are all qualified professionals within the construction industry and have received the necessary technical training to be able to identify problems before they arise. This puts us ahead of our competition as we can avoid some of the most common mistakes from occurring, saving both the business and its clients’ money in the long run.


A Dedicated Senior Production Manager Will Be Coordinate the purchasing Allocated to Your Project


We pride ourselves in ensuring our clients don’t need to stress about the status of their projects. Big or small, every project is allocated a Senior Production Manager who has the responsibility of overseeing the workmanship of all subcontractors and ensuring your project will be completed on time. Your Senior Production Manager will:


Become the representative for the clients with regards to project


Assist in keeping your project within budget always through the liaising and negotiating with multiple service providers

Bring all communication regarding the project to one centralized point and act as the project liaison

Get the most qualified people to work on your project to ensure efficiency

Act on behalf of the client to ensure you are protected from any form of liability

Provide technical guidance and advice to ensure the right resources are allocated to your project

By allowing us to assist you with these points building contractors cape town won’t be bothering you throughout the day as all communication will go through the Senior Production Manager.


Builders in Cape Town You Can Trust


Taking care of the finer details, we allow our clients the space to focus on the finer details of the project such as the finishes they wish to have once the cape town builders have completed the groundwork. What better way to watch your project come to life than to let the professionals assist you.


Our Project Completion Rate Speaks for Itself


Through the hard work and dedication of our team, our high project completion rate can speak for itself. We’ve completed projects with multiple builders Cape Town to build up our portfolio. Working with budgets of up to R10 million has allowed us to create some of the most unique projects for our clients. The list of our completed projects includes:

House Visser

Apartment Lloyd


G on Herbert

House Jooste

House Pita

G on Barkly

Warehouse Conversion Leviton

No matter your vision, we have the necessary skills and capabilities in place to make it come to life. Taking some of the most technical projects on board, we have turned some of the most ordinary places into something spectacular.


Contact the Team at Bates, Registered Building Contractors in Cape Town Today


These are just some of the many reasons why we stand out from our competition. We have been identified for the quality of our workmanship and our high levels of attention to detail. We might be a small building contractor in Cape Town, but we operate with the highest levels of professionalism and will ensure we always see every project through from the start to the finish.

Should you wish to work with us, be sure to reach out to us today. We know how overwhelming coordinating construction projects can be. Let one of our Senior Production Managers assist you in mapping out your project and answer all your questions relating to your project.


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